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Kheer Ganga

Kheer Ganga Overview:

Trekking to Kheer Ganga, an adventurous journey into the world of nature's beauty and serenity. This is an amazing experience, and it's just like traveling to a different world. This trekking experience was full of wonder and excitements, and for me the journey to this place was like a few seconds in the serene arms of nature. Everything I saw there was just full of serenity and beauty. Kheer ganga is one of the most refreshing treks that one can go on anywhere. The natural hot water spring experience is just amazing, and the trek is very pleasant and offers some exhilarating views.

Available Atractions:


Motorable on Manikarn-Mandi highway via Bhunter - A beautiful place in Manikarn. Himachal tourism's tourist Resort is opening shortly. One can also visit


Manikarn is a famous place to visit and a nagar panchayat in Kullu district in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. The main route is from BBhunter and Mandi.


In a pleasant and open valley of Manikarn of Kullu District Barsaini is the coolest place. There was a parvati hydro power Project near about 800 mw.


Narkanda is the small villege in the teck of kheer ganga. The beauty of nature satrted increase from that place.

How To Reach:

Kheer Ganga by Rail
The nearest railway station is Kathgodam, which is about 198kms from Kheer Ganga. From here you can take either a taxi or a bus till Barshaini and from there you trek up to Kheer Ganga, which is about 11kms from Barshaini.

Kheer Ganga by Air
The nearest airport to Kheer Ganga is Pantnagar, which is about 235kms from Kheer Ganga. From here you can take a taxi or a bus to Barshaini and from here it is a 11km trek to Kheer Ganga.
Kheer Ganga by Bus
The route to Kheer Ganga is well connected till Barshaini and from there it is a 11km trek to Kheer Ganga. You can get guides and porters at Barshaini. Getting Around Kheer Ganga Kheer Ganga is a remote village in Parvati Valley of Kullu district and trek to Kheer Ganga is a hilly terrain and involves loads of walking, trekking and hiking.


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Day 1 : Mandi - Manikarn

Our Trek start from a 6 hours drive from Mandi across Pandoh, Bhunter to the Manikarn. This is the scenic route which ends at Manikarn.

Day 2 : Manikan - Kheer Ganga

In the next Morning we will start from a 1 hours drive from MAnikarn to Barsaini. After that we will Start treking up to "Kheer Ganga". After three or Four hours Tracking we reach at the Kheer Gnaga.

Day 3 : Kheer Ganga - Jot

Third day we satrting trecking form Kheer Ganga to Jot. It take 3 - 4 Hours Treacking in hill area.

Day 4 : Jot - Manikarn

Fourth day we satrting trecking form jot to Barsani. It take 6 Hours Treacking in hill area. After that we drive all most 1 hour to reach Manikarn.